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We provide you with the appropriate solutions –from components to the whole system.

        Combined with the practical application needs of domestic and foreign scissor forklift terminal customers, and integrates information technology such as IoT&RFID, WIKA mobile control developed a high-performance electronic control system for forklifts, its main components including serial products such as PCU, ECU, motor drive, angle sensor, pressure sensors. Meanwhile, combined with IoT technology, we launched a complete set of IoT and mobile APP providing reliable management methods and tools for customers' Lease management and big data analysis. WIKA Mobile Control has advanced safety design capabilities and concepts and can provide customers electronic control system meeting with safety standards in accordance with EN 13849-1. The electronic control system can meet the needs of customers' vehicle exports and greatly improves the safety performance of the whole vehicle.

    Our company has industry-leading solution implementation capabilities, which has been recognized by the majority of users in the field of precise weighing, motion fretting control, and humanized operation of the scissor forklift.


Chassis controller ECU

    The Chassis Controller ECU offers basic and extended options. Based on a 32-bit high-speed processor and large storage space, the ECU has faster processing response speed, and comprehensive data logging and backup capabilities. The HDC Series has a standard USB interface that facilitates on-site upgrades of programs and data, reducing service costs.
    At the same time, the ECU also integrates the dual-axis inclination function, which can accurately detect the inclination angle of the vehicle body and improve vehicle performance. The integrated GPS/GPRS module supports remote program upgrade and remote calibration, providing customers with an efficient IoT management platform and reduces management costs.

Platform controller PCU

    JTC82C series PCU is a high-protection operation module that adapts to the harsh working environment of the forklift.
    Not only does the PCU main body using anti-drop material for high protection and sealing, the main internal components are protected by double protection mechanism. With 2.8inch liquid crystal display, it can realize multi-language display interaction, convenient for user to adjust parameters and fault reminder.
    Optional RFID punching function to facilitate the management of the user's vehicle and the safety supervision of the operator;
    Optional WIFI wireless function, to achieve multi-vehicle interconnection, HMI provides a high-quality solution, users can manage and set their own vehicles through mobile phones, ipad and other electronic devices;
    Provide a joystick anti-theft solution to improve the customer's vehicle management level; The switch button has a panel backlight for easy night operation.

Technique Parameters

type HDC31-028B HDC31-008B HDC31-028E HDC31-043E
使用范围range regular forklift Off-road custom-made scissor with legs
Screen size 2.8 inch Digital 2.8 inch 4.3 inch
DI(BH) 4* 6+4* 6* 6*
DI(BL) 4* - 6* 6*
DI(BH/L) 5 - 10 10
AI(0-5V/4-20mA) 2 3 6 6
AI(0-2.5KΩ) - 1 2 2
PI(10HZ-15KHZ) - - 2 2
DO 10* 10* 16* 16*
PWM/DO 2 1 2+4* 2+4*
AO(0-5v) 2 2 2 2
5Vstandard voltage - 1 1 1
MO/PWM - - 2 2
GPS/GPRS optional optional - -
Built-in dual axis inclination optional optional optional optional
Protection grade IP66 IP44 IP66 IP66
Working temperature ﹣30…+70℃ ﹣40…+70℃ ﹣30…+70℃ ﹣30…+70℃
Safety certification (PL d certification) optional - - -
* DI digital input with diagnostic function: diagnosis of short circuit and short circuit to ground
* DO switch output with diagnostic function: diagnosis of short circuit, short circuit to ground, open circuit test, etc.