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      As the standards of project quality and progress are getting more and more rigorous, vibratory roller has being widely accepted by constructors for its great performance on compaction and production compare to static roller. The continual improvement of vibratory compaction and control technology, especially the booming of microelectronic, automatic control, computer technology and other high-tech, had inspired compact machinery advancing towards automation, intellectualization and robotization. 

      The control system developed by Xuzhou WIKA uses the technology of PLC centralized control and CANbus communication, helps to monitor and display parameters of the whole machine in real time. By collecting travel speed, vibration frequency and other signals to realize automatic control of vibration and water spray, provide the best compaction guide for users.


Road roller

Aerial work platform & Fire engine control

Concrete pump control

Rotating drill control

Road roller control

Dynamic management control of mining truck

LMI& Control of truck crane

LMI& Control of tower crane

LMI& Control of harbor crane

LMI& Control of crawling crane

LMI& Control of telescopic boom (all terrain)crane


·Automatic vibrationand water spray: 3 gears preset, use speed sensor to control the output signalof vibration and water spray.

·Intermittent waterspray: Select gears on the screen, the storable 7 gears intermittent waterspray function makes the whole process more desirable, stable and helps toextend service life of sprinkler motor.

·Speed and frequencymanagement:Help users performing the bestcompaction and smoothing construction road by equalizing technology

·Automatic faultdiagnosis and alarm:built up automaticdiagnosis system by collecting parameters from speed, pressure and temperatureof different working statusrealized the function ofself testing, self diagnosis and self adjusting.

·Troubleshooting help:Display error code and error code query to teach users how to repairwhen the engine is not working.

·Automatic recordingof malfunction:Help users to query history fault andmaintain service of the whole machine.

·Maintenance reminding:When the equipment maintenance period is due, system will automaticallyremind users to carry out related maintenance to extend machine life.

·Others: Energy-saving controlfor different operating conditions; protective control for system operation to extend machine life

Display interface

Display interface and parameter

High resolution wide temperature LCD with 8 buttons available for system setting, command transmitting and other functions, User-friendly and easy to handle.

Engine parameters display

The controller communicate with engine ECU via CAN-bus and read operating data and display in real time of rotate speed, hourmeter, oil pressure and temperature, water temperature ,system voltage, combustion efficiency, current engine load, etc.

Other operating parameters display

The controller collect signals of each sensor in the system and display fuel charge, water level, vibrate frequency, running speed, hydraulic oil temperature and other data after operation.