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Mobile machinery safety system service expert



Hundreds of thousands of mobile machines equipped with a WIKA Mobile Control security system
operate around the world every day, guarding property and life. The success of an enterprise requires
a high level of reliability and productivity, and reasonable control of costs.
  • Improve the safety and performance of mobile machine
We have more than 40 years of experience in the safety system of mobile machine, with more than
100 trained engineers and technicians in China to provide technical advice and on-site services to
customers. We provide complete security system services and support for mobile machines.
  • Preventive maintenance
Our daily maintenance, repair and inspection, to avoid your mob ile machine safety problems,
unexpected outages, illegal operations and component failures.
  • Corrective maintenance
With the increase in service life of mobile mac hinery, the normal aging of components and no
longer in compliance with the latest regulations, our corrective maintenance can make your mobile

machinery coruscate new life, no longer serve with risk factors.

Consulting Service
Electronic products and technologies are used in the safety system of mobile machines, and its
overhaul and service often require professional tools and qualified service personnel. We have
appointed experienced technical personnel to answer your inquiries, through some fault phenomena,
such as fault code, can quickly diagnose the problem, and guide the operators to take the correct
measures. At the same time, according to the diagnosis, also can assign the corresponding service

personnel and provide the required parts.

Retrofit Solutions

WIKA Mobile Control help your mobile machine to achieve and comply with the latest safety regulations, while helping
you to eliminate security risks. The service life of the mobile machine is significantly prolonged by the retrofit.
And at the same time, it meets the requirements of economy and environment. The retrofit realizes achieve the optimal

performance, and improve work efficiency.

Whether it is the upgrading of LMI of telescopic crane and lattice crane, the retrofit of LMI on knuckle boom crane, or the installation
of safety monitoring management system on tower crane, it can ensure the safety.At the same time,to maximize the performance of
your machine. If the electronic weighing instrument is installed on the loader, the working efficiency can be greatly improved. The
overload protection system is installed on the excavator, so that the working content of the excavator is extended.


Hundreds of thousands of our products and systems are installed on various machines such as mobile cranes, excavators,
concrete machinery. To ensure the availability of the spares, we keep a carefully planned stock of spares. Besides, our new
products usually are compatible and can replace obsolete products.We also customize parts and products according to your


Marketing network

WIKA Mobile Control its product sales to major countries and regions around the world. And most of the
countries in Europe and China, the United States, Brazil, India, the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Australia
and other countries and regions have branches and marketing outlets to provide sales and service support.
In China we have experienced service engineers, covering the administrative area of the country. With
branches and offices in Shanghai, Changsha and Shenyang, as well as a number of spare parts
warehouses throughout the country, we provide you with timely spare parts supply and professional and

comprehensive service support.

Help desk

We are always at your service - accept faults immediately, coordinate and troubleshoot them. Through our e-mail, telephone and Internet ticketing systems, we are committed to rapid clarification and solutions. Use contact form or call us!

24 hours hotline:400 887 9936
Retrofit service hotline:0516 87885700/77/24
Technical consultant hotline:0516 87885701/05
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